Thursday, 30 September 2010

Album Cover..

Here is one of Eminem's album cover. 'The Eminem Show'.
This isnt his latest album cover, it is one of his old ones.
The reason in which i have chose to analyse this album cover is because Eminem is one of my favourite artist. As he is unique and unusuall.
I like this alubm cover as the name of the album relates to the picture which is the main image. As it is a a curtain which relates to a show.
This is a good way to promote an album as i think the name of the acutall album 'The eminem Show' gives a story by telling the viewers that the album is going to be about him and his life. The word 'Show' i think tells us this.
The colours of the album RED relates to death, this could mean that the lyrics which he is singing about are related to death and also sadness. The image of Eminem sitting down in a black suite also indicates that the lyrics could be sad and death, as you would wear a black suite for a funeral. Also the one microphone in the middle of the stafe indicates that he is lonely and there is no one else there to comfort him if there is something on his mind.

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