Monday, 28 June 2010

Music Inspirations... David Guetter- Memories

This music gives me inspiration because of the artist. David Guetta. I think the way in which he produces his music is great. Because he gives the background music and gives the initial set up, but he doesnt sing, although he features in the video. I like this video because of the way it is addressed to the viewers, also the video is very upbeat and gets you in an upbeat mood, this would be the ideal song to get ready to when going out on the town as it will get you in the partying mood.

Music Inspirations.. David Guetta- Gettin' over you

This video gives me inspiration, this is because that it is upbeat and there are a variety of artists in this music video. Also i think that it works well as it there is a womens voice, i think it breaks the music up and gives it a better sound. It also gives me inspiration because there is not just one person singing throughout the whole of the song.

I also like the way in which the musiv video is set. As it is in a recording studio. Aswel i like the fact that people come in from the streets and then they are the dancers and it turns out to be a prty in the recording studio.

This gives me inspiration because of the artist and also the where and how it is set out. I think it is good because there are different scenes and shot in different places. Not just one. This makes the viewers more intreagued into where the video will be going next.

Thursday, 24 June 2010

Music Inspirations.. Jay Z & Alicia Keys

This music video gives me inspiration as i like the fact that there is quite a lot of rap through out the video by Jay Z but then there is also just normal singing through the video by Alicia Keys. I like the way in which the video does this and how well it fits together.

Music Inspirations.. Pink-Funhouse

This music video gives me inspiration because i like the artist and the work and videos that she does. This video gives me inspiration as it is about her and her life, and how her life and her house will still be fun when she is on her own. I like how she talks about her own life and how she applys it to a music video.

Music Genres

These are some ideas of music genres that i have thought of which could help me to decide which music video i will choose.

Monday, 21 June 2010


This is my schedule that i will be following to make all of my deadlines;
  • Complete research (existing products/audience) - 24th July
  • Complete planning (scripts, shot lists, storyboards, animatics, mock-ups, flat plans ETC) - 10th September
  • Complete rough cut- 20th September
  • Complete final cut - 1st October
  • Complete Album/poster mock-ups- 15th October
  • Final album and also completion of my poster- 31st October
  • Audiences feedback- 10th November
  • Revisions- 20th November
  • Evaluations- 3oth November
  • First hand-in- 1st December


Welcome to my A2 media studies blog.
I will be doing a music video, in this blog i will be researching planning and constucting a music video.