Thursday, 30 September 2010

Album Cover..

Here is one of Eminem's album cover. 'The Eminem Show'.
This isnt his latest album cover, it is one of his old ones.
The reason in which i have chose to analyse this album cover is because Eminem is one of my favourite artist. As he is unique and unusuall.
I like this alubm cover as the name of the album relates to the picture which is the main image. As it is a a curtain which relates to a show.
This is a good way to promote an album as i think the name of the acutall album 'The eminem Show' gives a story by telling the viewers that the album is going to be about him and his life. The word 'Show' i think tells us this.
The colours of the album RED relates to death, this could mean that the lyrics which he is singing about are related to death and also sadness. The image of Eminem sitting down in a black suite also indicates that the lyrics could be sad and death, as you would wear a black suite for a funeral. Also the one microphone in the middle of the stafe indicates that he is lonely and there is no one else there to comfort him if there is something on his mind.

Thursday, 23 September 2010

Album Cover..

Here is the album cover for Lily Allens album. 'Its not me its you'.

I think that it is different from most alubm covers as she has made the first letter of her name the main image on the cover. She has got the capital L in a dark colour. Black. This is so that it is bold and people will notice it, where as if it was a light colour it would look rubbish and not as professional as the background is a light pale colour.

The colours on this album cover i think work well with eachother and make eachother colour stand out that one step more. The colours that she has used are quite simple, but they make an image make look better because they look more professional.

The image of Lily lying on the capital L works well with the image that she is trying to set for the album. Where as most artists make the image of them the main image on the front of an album cover she has done the opposite and made the first letter of her name the main image. This works well as it is different from most alubm covers you see on sale in the shops.

Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Update on my progress..

I am currently producing and writing up information on a variety of poster's and also album covers. I am doing this so that i can produce a good blog with lots of good information about my work.
There will be lots more post's appearing on my blog soon, when they are completed. This is an update of where i currently am.

Monday, 13 September 2010

Fun House Poster.. Pink

Here is an image of pinks poster from her newest album FUNHOUSE. This is a very eye catching poster as there are lots of bright colors to catch the audiences attention. The colours of this poster and the poster from her IM NOT DEAD album poster have got the same louadness from the colours that appear on there. I think the colors and the main image of pink in this poster show that she is a lively and bubbly person. Even if the picture of pink wasnt in the centre of the poster you would still be able to notice that it was a poster from her alubm. I think you can tell this basically from the colours and the background of the poster. The banner going digonally through the poster make it stand out more. As it is trying to be the main object on the page, but there is two because of the main mage of pink in the centre. This makes the poster to look more professional and even more eyecatching. The poster would look boring and dull if the main image of pink wasnt the main feature of the poster. It makes it look better because of the large image of her in the centre posing. People will look at this poster and think it is a good poster from her alubm so why shouldnt the songs from the album be good. I think the poster tells alot of things, the main one that it tells you is how good the alubm is going to be. As if there was a rubbish poster for the album there would be ess sales of the album FUNHOUSE.

Thursday, 9 September 2010


Here are some answers that i have fount out from people for the question, Why do you like listening to music..?

Lisa aged 21 said "I like listening to music because when she is down she listens to upbeat and music that will cheer her up".

James aged 18- "I cant imagine not living without my music, I always have it on nd im always listening to it no matter where i am or who i am with. I have always got playlists playing in my car on my Ipod. I love it as it send lots of different emotions to people such as, Happiness, Romance, Sadness etc. I love just having a good song playing and letting your mind wander to where ever the music takes me.. ITS ACE".

Sam aged 19- "Most of the time i listen to music that suites my feelings. When there is nothing to do and i am bored there is nothing better to do than to go and chill in your room with your music on. It entertains me".